Epson Launches Line of GPS Running Watches

Epson ProSense

Better known for their printers and projectors, Epson is now making a big push into the wearables market. At the end of last week the Japanese company officially unveiled a new line of GPS running watches that are packed full of features and surprisingly affordable. Perhaps you noticed the one on Meb’s wrist as he ran the NYC Marathon yesterday.

Watches are not a huge stretch for Epson given that they have been manufacturing sensors for decades and their parent company is Seiko. The new Epson ProSense line of GPS running watches draws on expertise from both.

The full ProSense line includes five different watches with varying levels of features — ProSense 17, ProSense 57, ProSense 307, ProSense 347, and ProSense 367. All of the watches use Epson’s RouteSense GPS that accurately tracks your route, distance, pace, stride, and more. The watches double as activity trackers, monitoring your daily step count, calories burned, and even tracking how well you sleep. When connected to your phone, you can receive alerts and control your music playlist.

The top four models add an onboard heart rate sensor that will even work underwater — the entry level model works  with a chest strap. Some models in the line-up also feature advanced running metrics  like VO2max estimate, recovery time, and training effect metrics, along with interval training, workout alerts, and waypoint navigation. The top models support multisport activities such as open water and pool swims, and indoor and outdoor biking.

The GPS running watches connect to your phone via Bluetooth Smart where you can analyze your data in the corresponding Epson View App or automatically upload your workouts to other popular running applications like Strava and Runkeeper.

When the ProSense watches are running both GPS and heart rate, the battery life ranges from 10 hours to 46 hours depending on model. Obviously when in activity mode or simple watch mode the batteries will last much longer.

The Epson ProSense GPS running watches range in price from $99 to $399 and are available now.

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