Klymit Introduces Puncture Resistant Sleeping Pad

Klymit Armored V

A nightmare for any camper or backcountry enthusiast, a punctured sleeping pad foreshadows incredibly uncomfortable nights to come or even worse. To save us from this unpleasantness, Klymit introduced a new punctures resistant sleeping pad to its lineup. Thanks to a new fish scale-like structure, the Armored V will stand up to almost anything nature can throw at it.

The Armored V features a 50-denier stretch polyester fabric top and a 100-denier armored nylon bottom infused with 300,000 so-called SuperFabric scales that create a durable overlay structure. SuperFabric is created by taking a fabric and infusing tiny, hard guard plates into the fabric, where the gaps between the SuperFabric plates allow the material to remain flexible.

Precisely positioned, armored SuperFabric scales cover the entire underside of the pad, creating a tough barrier that resists puncture, slashing, moisture, and abrasion. The SuperFabric scales are strong enough to perform in the most demanding outdoor conditions, yet flexible enough to fold and roll for compact storage.

The Armored V features Klymit’s body mapping technology and V-chamber design with loft air pockets. The V-chamber design limits air movement for added comfort and is great for side, back, and stomach sleeping.

The Armored V has an R-value of 1.6 and weighs 2.4 pounds. The pad’s dimensions are 23” x 72” x 2.5” with a pack size of 5.5” x 9.”

Klymit Armored V retails for $199.95 and is available now.

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