The Best Men’s Underwear For Outdoor Activities

By Terry Doyle

Saxx men's underwear

Despite our best preventative efforts, chafing can strike at any moment during outdoor activities. Once the irritation begins, it can literally ruin your day or even trip. Instead of messing around with talcum powder and petroleum jelly, Saxx men's underwear promises to remove the discomfort and irritation of chafing.

Saxx men's underwear is designed with a special ergonomic comfort pouch that offers non-restrictive support, allowing your bits to rest and move naturally. Two parallel mesh side panels, made from a combination of polyester and spandex, prevent contact between your package and your inner thighs, cutting down on the possibility of chafing.  

Absence of any inner seams in the comfort pouch area also helps to cut down on irritation, a bonus for activities where you are wearing a harness. The pouch is supportive but not so tight as to make you uncomfortable or cause you to sweat even more than normal.  

Both the Saxx underwear fabric and waistband are moisture wicking, helping to keep everything cool and dry below the waist. I found the fabric to be super breathable, great for warm weather vigorous activity. The extended leg fabric keeps your inner thighs from rubbing together skin on skin, another area prone to chafing during hiking or running. 

All hems and stitching are unobtrusive, increasing the comfort factor. Saxx even thought to print the product details directly on the underwear material so you wouldn't have the irritation of a tag rubbing at your lower back. 

When highly active, the leg hems gradually slid up on me, resulting in bunching under my hiking pants or shorts. I am not sure if this is a design flaw or size issue, where the leg hems just weren't snug enough for me. 

Bottom Line: Saxx make extremely comfortable men's underwear for outdoor activities to cut out the irritation problems that come from sweat and friction below the waist. 

Saxx men's underwear comes in a variety of different styles to suit your choice of fabric, length, and chosen activity, retailing from $24-$70. 

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