Has Down Apparel Gone Too Far?

Yeti Down Accessories and Apparel

All you down skirt haters brace yourselves, as the market for non-traditional down accessories and apparel appears to be growing. German down masters Yeti have teamed up with Japanese designer Yuko Yamazaki to create an entire down apparel and accessory collection including men’s shirts, women’s blazers, shorts, skirts, handbags, and other accessories.

Yeti Down Skirt and Down Shorts

Another company to jump on the down skirt train, Yeti adds a bit more style to their figure hugging down miniskirt called the Sense. Diagonal quilted seaming, together with side and back expansion seams, keep the down skirt from getting too bulky.

How do you keep your legs warm in a down miniskirt did you say? Why with down leg warmers of course. Adding some retro 80’s style, the Notion down leg warmers can be worn over your boots or together with shoes to keep your calves and ankles warm.

Yeti Down Shorts

For all you men that were actually jealous of our down skirts, I present you the Men’s Down Pant. Supposedly all the rage in Japan, the Yeti Down Pants are actually knee length down shorts. A rear pocket, two zip hand pockets, and drawstring waist make them functional as well as fashionable.

As long as you are wearing head to toe down, you might has well top off your outfit with a down handbag. The oversized Icon comes in three colors, features two large handles, and offers plenty of space for your essentials.

So, has the whole down movement now gone too far?!

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