180s Quantum Heat

After a successful introduction of QuantumCool apparel and accessories last summer, 180s is now poised to release their first line of winter apparel. Featuring the new QuantumHeat technology, this line of apparel, headwear, and accessories will help keep you warm during winter activities.

QuantumHeat technology creates thermal energy out of your own body heat, sweat, and any light source. Utilizing a combination of fibers and special chemicals, the apparel and accessories work to maintain your body heat, enabling you to perform better and stay out longer in cold weather.

A moisture management system absorbs 100% of your sweat every two seconds, wicking away moisture to be quickly evaporated or converted into thermal energy. The QuantumHeat technology also captures light from any source, magnifying it into heat in order to increase your overall warmth.

180s QuantumHeat

All QuantumHeat apparel and accessories offer UPF 50+ sun protection and antibacterial properties to help eliminate odor. The pieces are designed with a construction that work to retain heat, while using compression to help reduce muscle fatigue.

Ranging in price from $15-$85, QuantumHeat technology will be featured in 180s base layers, jackets, vests, arm and leg sleeves, gloves, ear warmers, hats and socks for Fall 2012.

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  1. Sorry to make my first post a negative one because I love a lot of what you post here but this post just reeks of bullshit. Don’t just parrot press releases, especially if they’re this ridiculous. How on Earth does it produce thermal energy from sweat? What does “absorbing 100% of your sweat every two seconds” even mean?! It either absorbs 100% of your sweat or it doesn’t, what’s the two seconds about?

  2. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for your comments and sorry you didn’t like this post. Heat generating fabric is nothing new, however, so I don’t see this as ridiculous. Japanese companies, including Mizuno and even fashion brand Uniqlo, have been doing this for awhile: http://www.mizunousa.com/running/innovation/breath-thermo

    For Uniqlo’s Heattech technology, they state that it is the movement of water vapor across special fibers that generates the heat.

    On the 2 second statement, I think 180s was trying to say that the sweat you produce in one instant, is fully wicked away within 2 seconds, again thanks to a special fiber composition.

    If a chemical such as Xylitol can drop the fabric temp a few degrees, I don’t find it hard to believe there is a specific chemical and fiber combination that can raise the fabric temp a few degrees.

    Hope this helps.


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