180s Quantum Heat Compression Arm Sleeves Review

180s Quantum Heat compression arm warmers

Similar in concept to the Mizuno heat generating base layers, 180s recently unveiled their Quantum Heat collection of heat generating apparel and accessories. Our unusually dry and sunny winter in the Bay Area has made for a great cycling season. The colder temperatures have remained, however, so I have been testing out the 180s Quantum Heat compression arm sleeves in order to stay warm on my rides.  

Quantum Heat technology takes light from any source and magnifies it into heat, creating a warm feeling against your skin. Fabric featuring the technology also works to retain your own body heat and quickly remove moisture to keep your skin dry and warm.

During my rides, I could feel a radiating warmth on my arms whenever I was in the sun, more so than on my jersey or cycling shorts. The problem I found, however, was as soon as I hit the shade, it felt more like I was wearing Quantum Cool arm sleeves than Quantum Heat. Once I hit the sun again, the arm sleeves warmed right back up. The difference in sensation could simply be the cessation in warming rather than an actual cooling effect, but it is hard to tell.  

Quantum Heat technology is woven throughout the entire 180s arm sleeves. A compression fit helps reduce muscle fatigue and aid in your performance during the ride. A reflective strip down the side increases your visibility, while flatlock seams cut down on the chance of chafing. The arm sleeves offer UPF 50+ sun protection and anti-bacterial properties to stave off odor.  

Bottom Line: If the majority of your ride or run is in the sun (even if cold), the Quantum Heat compression arm sleeves can help to keep you warm. If not, stick with the wool or even fleece lined arm sleeves.

The 180s Quantum Heat compression arm sleeves retail for $45 and will be available in time for the fall riding season.

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