Endomondo Looking To Gain A PR Over Strava

Endomondo  Endomondo

Endomondo hopes to make the world more active by turning fitness into fun. With a heavy emphasis on social, Endomondo lets you track your workout performance, comparing and sharing each activity with all your friends. 

Compatible with pretty much any phone platform, including Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iPhone, the Endomondo app tracks your workout route, together with distance, total time, split times, average speed, and calories burned. During your run or ride, you can be informed in real time about your speed for each kilometer or mile.

With ANT+ support in the app, you can import data from Garmin heart rate monitors and sensors or any other ANT+ devices. Miraculously, the Endomondo app also supports heart rate data from both Polar and Zephyr. 

Integrated with Google Maps, you can view your current position and navigate within the app. A simply tap will let you start that music playlist you created for your various workouts. If you stop moving, the Endomondo app will automatically pause, then restart once you get going again.

At any time during your workout, you can hit the media button to get audio feedback on all your current performance stats. Similar to Strava, you can choose a route in your neighborhood and compete against the current route champion with help from the audio coach along the way. The Pro version lets you set goals or choose PRs to try and beat during your workouts, giving you audio feedback on your process. 

Once you get home, your workout data will automatically upload to your profile on the Endomondo site. You can use your personal training diary to compare your workout with friends or see who rode and ran the most miles that week. 

The Endomondo site also enables fans to follow your progress live, say when you are racing, allowing them to send you pep talk messages that can be read out to you while you are on the course. Integrating with Twitter and Facebook, you can post and share all your activities and invite your friends and followers.

Sites like Strava and Endomondo inevitably become more useful the more people that join. Endomondo already has a huge European following and recently opened a San Francisco office to now take on the North American market. 

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