Fiks Reflective Rim Stripes For Increased Side Visibility

Fiks reflective rim stripes

Bike commuting in low light situations can be dangerous due to poor side visibility. New company Fiks has come up with some Reflective Rim Stripes that will increase your visibility to cars from the side, providing an extra safety margin and adding a little personality to your bike.

Initially launching their idea with a Kickstarter campaign, Fiks is now in full production. Designed to fit most modern bike wheels, the Reflective Rim Stripes are easy to install. Simply apply the stripes to the surface of your bike rim between the braking surface and the spokes, thus converting your rims into full reflectors.

The Fiks Rim Stripes are made out of a special retro-reflective material that reflects light back to the source, even if it isn’t from straight on. This means, the light from the headlights of a car at that dark intersection on your bike commute will bounce back towards the car and the driver.

Fiks Reflective Wheel Stripes

The Fiks Reflective Rim Stripes come in six different colors: white, black, yellow, red, orange, and purple. White and black reflect back white light, while the other stripes reflect back their respective colors. White will reflect the most light and therefore offer the most visibility, yellow the second, then black, with red, orange, and purple the least (but still very visible).

The Fiks Reflective Rim Stripes retail for $14 and come in two different sizes, 6mm and 14mm, to fit most modern double walled rims. One sheet will cover both sides of one wheel, enabling you to mix and match colors across your bike.

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