Mountain Bike Apparel With A Western Flair

Club Ride Mountain Bike Apparel

Recently, I have taken up mountain biking as a way to explore more trails and for a change of pace from road riding all the time. A virtual newbie to the sport, I couldn’t exactly rock up wearing head to toe Lycra, so in order to look more the part, I turned to mountain biking apparel company Club Ride.

Born on the rugged trails of Sun Valley, Idaho, Club Ride adds a western flair to mountain biking apparel that makes you look pretty styling on the bike. A crossover between casual lifestyle apparel and bike wear, you could easily hit the trails all day, then hang out in your local pub all night sporting the same clothes and look totally normal (apart from the dirt and possible odor).

The Club Ride men’s and women’s collection features a variety of jersey styles, both short and long sleeve, that range from the classic western look to the hip mechanic. A selection of bike shorts, with varying lengths up to the manpris level, come both with and without removable chamois liners. A couple of the women’s jerseys are a little too “flowery” for my liking but they are still pretty cool looking in general.

I have been wearing the Long Shot women’s long sleeve jersey (pictured top) on my recent mountain bike rides. Made from RideDryWear technical performance fabric, the shirt wicks sweat away and dries quickly, even if you get covered in soaking wet mud. Full side and sleeve vents really enhance breathability for those hot days on the trail.

If you don’t feel like wearing a backpack or hydration pack on your ride, the jersey has three zippered pockets for storage, one on the hip and two in the back with media port access. I wore the Long Shot jersey with a larger backpack and had no problems with the shirt riding up.

The Club Ride women’s Long Shot jersey retails for $95 and can be purchased on the company website or from various retailers across the country.

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