Retractable Reel Controls Your Hydration Tube

LapelEau Retractable Reel

Shower Pass, makers of the VelEau bike mounted hydration system, have adapted the magnetic retractable reel technology to work with any hydration backpack. The new LapelEau will keep your hydration tube under control as you ride, making it easier and safer to grab a quick drink on the go.

With most hydration packs, you have to physically insert your hydration tube either into a velcro holder, bungee, magnet, or some sort of snap in closure. Although the magnet systems, such as those found on Hydrapak packs, seem to work pretty well, they can be forced apart quite easily and flop around as you run or ride.

The LapelEau is a retractable reel, exactly the same as you find on your employee badge, key ring, or even fishing gear. However, Showers Pass has added magnetic rings to help guide your hydration tube back to the reel and provide just enough retention to hold it securely in place. The reels use a tough 3-ply nylon parachute cord, tested to over 180,000 cycles.

The LapelEau easily connects to any backpack strap or piece of webbing. You can use it for running, hiking, cycling, skiing, or any other sport where you want easy access hydration without a tube flying around in your face.

The LapelEau retails for $12 and can be purchased on the Showers Pass website.

In the VelEau video below, you can see the magnetic retractable reel in use.

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