Lib Tech Rides The Wave Into Surfboards

Lib-tech-ramp-series-surfboard    Lib-tech-vert-series-surfboard

Well known in the snow and skate industry, Lib Tech has been a pioneer for American made, environmentally friendly board design. Now taking their 30 years experience in crafting high performance boards, Lib Tech prepares to hit the surf with an innovative new Waterboard collection.

Each of the 14 different surfboards in the collection include grab rails, honeycomb construction, rubberized elastomer sidewalls, and concave tops. Made from 100% closed cell foam with a recycled foam core, the boards will not absorb water even if you get a ding. In general, the surfboards are more durable than most and ding less, meaning fewer will end up in landfills.

Each of the 31 pieces used to construct the new Lib Tech surfboards are made from materials completely new to the surf industry. Each Lib Tech Waterboard is handcrafted in the US using environmentally friendly manufacturing and materials. No solvents, tape, sandpaper, or paint brushes are used in the process.

The Lib Tech Waterboard collection will include three different series of boards: the Vert Series, Bowl Series, and Ramp Series, all in a range of different sizes. The Ramp Series is Lib Tech's fast, short, wide, and lowest rocker series with a speedy thumb tail and flipped full nose. The board excels at aerials, acceleration, and spinning in small to medium waves. 

The Vert Series is made for precise high performance surfing in energized waves with a pulled nose, squared thumb tail, and a higher rocker. The Vert surfboard is designed to be surfed at standard lengths and widths. Fast, short, and wide with a lower entry rocker, the Bowl Series is made for aggressive modern surfing and acceleration in small to medium waves.

The Lib Tech Waterboards will be available starting May, with prices ranging from $650-$700. Lib Tech also plans to build their own fins, but the fin boxes are FCS compatible. 

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