A Surfboard Made From Cardboard

cardboard surfboard

Ernest Packaging Solutions works with clients to develop unique packaging solutions for their products that protect them from the elements and other external factors when shipping. Whether it is a new package design for Eddie Fiola’s BMX bike or shipping freshly baked cakes right to your doorstep, Ernest will come up with a unique solution. As part of a new video series called Cardboard Chaos, the company has teamed up with some outdoor sports companies to show you just how far cardboard can go.

Headquartered in Southern California, the company decided the best way to launch the new series would be with a cardboard surfboard. Mike Martinez, Ernest’s Director of Consulting Services, was tasked with coming up with the design. He set out to duplicate the standard foam core of a surfboard using Hexacomb–a honeycomb shaped paper construction.

Taller and thicker than cardboard, Hexacomb’s structure features crushable air cells that protect objects on impact. In a surfboard situation, these pockets of air provide buoyancy, similar to the air bubbles trapped inside the normally used foam. Once coated in polyurethane (PU), the Hexacomb becomes waterproof and rigid rather than collapsible.

After the initial design was complete, the cardboard surfboard core was sent to Future Fins and Surf Prescriptions for shaping and the finishing touches, including corrugated cardboard fins. The edges of the board were wrapped in corrugated cardboard and additional cardboard was die-cut to create the board’s stringer. One last coat of PU, then wrapped in fiberglass and resin to seal the board and make it watertight, the cardboard surfboard was ready to ride.

Ernest recruited pro surfers CJ Kanuha, Brennen Clarke, and Jeff Deffenbaugh to test out some waves with the cardboard surfboard. You can watch the results below.

This is just the beginning for the Ernest Cardboard Chaos series. I can’t wait to see what other wild ideas the team comes up with. If you have your own suggestions, connect with them on their various social channels. Supposedly they have already created a cardboard snowboard.


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