How To Open Beer With Your Bike: WiseCracker

Bike Bottle Opener

Ever finished a bike ride, excited to tuck into that cold beer, only to lack a bottle opener? Sure there are bike racks, belts, dog collars, flip flops, and other gear that comes with an integrated bottle opener, but what if you forget those as well? Here’s a better idea—stick the bottle opener on the bike itself.

San Jose frame builder Mike Ahrens originally created the bike mounted bottle opener for a bit of a laugh at the 2006 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. To Ahrens’ surprise, the bottle openers were a huge hit, so much so that he began selling them as an accessory product a year later. The bike mounted bottle openers now have their own business—WiseCracker.

Made in the USA, the WiseCracker bottle opener fits right under your handlebars and takes the place of your headset spacer. It is available in stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium and comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. For those that want the extra cool factor, custom engraving is also available.

Most adult bikes will need the 1-1/8″ version, but if you have an older bike you may need the 1″ version. For all you Chris King headset users, installing the WiseCracker over the white plastic spacer that comes with the headset to reduce creaking noise will enable your bike bottle opener to swivel.

Recently, Ahrens came up with a double bottle opener that is sure to make you a huge hit on the Cross course this season. WiseCracker bottle openers retail for $15-$28, depending on the design and materials used, and can be ordered from the company website.

What’s the point you might ask? Because beer can’t open itself.

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