Petal Power: Before, During, and After Your Ride

Petal Power Chamois Cream

Sure, there are plenty of chamois creams out there and even some women’s specific formulas. But none seem to address the importance of starting and ending your ride with clean skin to help stave off saddle sores and other infections. California company Petal Power created an entire before, during, and after system that will keep us ladies riding pain-free.

With this vision in mind, the women behind Petal Power partnered with one of the nation’s leading developers and manufacturers of natural and organic skin and body care, wellness, and spa products to make a natural, mild, long-lasting women’s-specific chamois cream as part of a plant-based system with pre-ride cleansing wipes and a post-ride shower gel.

The result is the Petal Power Joy Ride System that includes three different products: Clean Start Wipes, Joy Ride Creme, and Fresh Fruit Cleanser. The Clean Start Wipes allow you to start clean before applying chamois cream and getting on your bike. Bioactive plant extracts like tea tree oil, rosemary extract, and lemongrass extract have natural antibacterial properties to gently cleanse your skin, wiping away many of the culprits that contribute to saddle sores and infection.

Next, you apply Joy Ride Creme directly to your skin (or the chamois) to help relieve chafing and friction during your ride. Formulated with natural, rich emollients to help lubricate, repair, and protect delicate skin. The mild formula does not burn or tingle as it contains no menthol or peppermint oil.

And finally, after your ride, we all know the best thing to do is get out of your shorts, hit the shower, and lather up to wash away harmful bacteria. Fresh Finish Cleanser is extremely mild yet highly effective with botanical ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender extract, and pine tree extracts to help naturally combat bacteria. The cleanser also contains ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory properties like aloe vera, hops extract, and cucumber.

I really wish I would have brought the Petal Power Joy Ride System on my ride across Japan… The package retails for $34.95 and can be ordered from the company website. Each product is also sold individually.

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