Café du Cycliste Josette Waterproof Jersey

Josette Waterproof Jersey

When riding in the rain, you normally think of throwing on a waterproof jacket but how about wearing a waterproof jersey instead? The new Fall/Winter collection from French company Café du Cyclist includes a fresh perspective on wet weather riding.

Rain does not always equal freezing cold (at least for the entire ride). For example, on my recent ride across Japan, we were often caught in tropical downpours but throwing on a full rain jacket usually meant overheating quickly. How nice it would have been to have a some sort of protection from the elements that didn’t mean adding an extra layer all the time, only to take it off again a short while down the road.

The Josette Waterproof Jersey (€155) is made from a unique, Italian fabric that offers windproof, waterproof, yet breathable protection. A waterproof breathable membrane along with a waterproof front zip work to keep the wind and rain from getting to your skin, while armpit and back pocket vents keep you from overheating.

A flap over the back jersey pockets protects your phone, snacks, and other essentials from the rain as well. I am curious as to the extent of the breathability in the Josette – the recommended temperature range is 5-15 degrees Celsius (41-59 degrees Fahrenheit).

For added protection in colder conditions, Cafe du Cyclist created a line of water resistant bibs and accessories. The LouLou Rain Armwarmers (€42), LouLou Rain Legwarmers (€60), and Jeanne Rain Winter Bibshort (€165) are all made from ThermoRoubaix fabric (helps retain body heat) with a DWR treatment that sheds rain as soon as it hits.

You can view (and order) the new men’s and women’s Fall/Winter collection over on the Café du Cycliste website.

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