Drink Beer and Do Yoga At The Same Time


There is hot yoga, dog yoga, prenatal yoga, and just about any kind of yoga you can think of–but beer yoga? Gaining inspiration from Burning Man one year, a yoga teacher in Berlin decided to offer a class where beer bottles and the drinking of beer are incorporated into poses. If anything will get me back into the yoga studio, this just might be it.

The marriage of  beer and yoga is not exactly new–many breweries in the U.S. now offer yoga classes where you can imbibe in a pint after class. But drinking beer while doing yoga seems to be a bit of a revelation. And why not? Both are a great way to relax your muscles and relax your mind.

Based in Berlin, BeerYoga classes are meant to be fun but not a joke–it’s about trying something new. During her classes, certified yoga teacher and passionate beer drinker Jhula takes the philosophy of yoga and pairs it with the pleasure of beer drinking to help you reach your highest level of consciousness.

In an interview with IPSO.com, Jhula explains how beer yoga works, “Actually just like normal yoga exercises. It is a little modified, so that we are able to incorporate the beer bottle. During balance exercises for example we try to balance the bottle on our head. Sun salutations turn into “beer salutations” and the push up position turns into the “ale-bench,” she explains.

Jhula will occasionally announce when to drink your beer, but you can take a sip whenever you want throughout the class. And at the end of every lesson, the class sings “Prost” (cheers) three times together.

So what’s the best beer for BeerYoga you ask? We imagine a Dogfish Head Namaste would pair quite nicely.

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