Perfect Sports Skirt For Summertime Activities

Isis Dash Skort

When Nicole DeBoom launched Skirt Sports back in 2004, running skirts were a bit of a novelty. Now almost every outdoor and fashion brand offer some form of sports skirt, enabling you to rock a more fun and feminine look while still being a badass athlete. 

Women's active wear brand Isis offers a few sports skirt options. The Dash Skort is designed for any type of activity, such as running, where you might have originally chosen to wear shorts but now might want a more flattering and feminine option. 

Although I would not hike on the majority of the trails around here in a sports skirt simply because of the poison oak factor, I have been using the Dash Skort to run on the paths around my house, as well as many of the beaches around San Francisco. I have also been wearing the skort to workout at home for my climbing training or crossfit exercises and yoga. 

Isis Dash Skort

With the boy shorts underneath, you don't have to worry about showing more than you want during any type of activity. The wide stretch waist band also provides more coverage when bending over or reaching high. A modest sized zippered back pocket can hold your keys and some money when you head out for a quick run. I like that I can stop into the coffee shop or grocery store after a workout and not feel nearly as self conscious as I would when wearing my cycling shorts.

Though probably not the intended purpose, the Isis Dash Skort makes a good swim bottom as it is made from a fast drying polyester/spandex material. Pair the sports skirt with an Isis Skyline Bra Top and you have a flattering outfit for stand up paddle boarding or hanging out at the beach. The UPF 30 fabric will help protect you from the sun's harmful rays when outside all day.  

For 2012, it appears Isis have updated the fit. Last year, a few people complained about a sloppy fit but this year everything appears to be more streamlined. A size medium fits me perfectly with no bunching or extra material. I am 5'9" and the skirt falls right about mid-thigh. 

Bottom Line: The Dash Skort offers a more flattering alternative to shorts for any kind of summer activity be it running, hiking, yoga, hitting the gym, or even water sports. 

The Isis Dash Skort comes in four different colors (blue, pink, green, grey) and retails for $59, available now. 

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