Turn Your Phone Into An Action Sports Camera

Optrix iPhone sports camera case

Don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars for an action sports camera from GoPro or Contour but still want to capture your outdoor adventures? Optrix has created a rugged outdoor case that will turn your iPhone or iPod into an HD sports camera for a fraction of the price. 

With a built-in 8MP camera and up to 64GB of storage space, it makes sense to use the device you take with your everywhere to capture 1080p HD video of all your adventures. An 8GB iPod touch will record about an hour of video, while a 64GB iPhone could record for up to 8 hours.  

The Optrix sports camera case is water resistant, so you can use it in the rain, drop it in puddles, or ride through the mud without worrying about ruining your phone. A protective touchscreen membrane lets you continue to operate your device while in the case. You won't have access to the headphone jack, but you will be able to stream your music to a Bluetooth headset or speaker. 

You can playback, edit, and share your videos through a variety of apps on your device, including iMovie or the Optrix app that will add speed, G-Force, and other data to your video. The Optrix case lets you toggle between the front and rear camera angles in order to see what you are shooting.

The Optrix sports camera case includes an anti-vibration sled (one for the iPhone and one for the iPod) which protects your device and limits the vibration in the video. Two mounting plates, both flat and curved, enable you to mount your Optrix almost anywhere for capturing all the action.  

Optrix wide angle lens

The Optrix sports camera case was designed to fit the iPhone 4, 4S, and iPod Touch 4G, and retails for $89. Over on Kickstarter, Optrix is running a campaign for a wide angle version of the sports camera case that comes with a 175 degree wide angle lens for $49 (retail $100). 

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