Multisport Shoes With Serious Street Cred

Oboz Arete multisport shoes

Designed as an all around multisport shoe, the Oboz Arete can handle almost any type of terrain. Whether you live in Jackson, Bozeman, or Boulder, you will feel as at home on the trail as you will grabbing a beer with your buddies at the end of the day.

Oboz footwear comes with a variety of different outsoles to match the intended use. The multisport Arete features the Teton outsole with a Grand Teton inspired heel strike lug and the Teton Range topo map etched into the durable carbon rubber outsole. Extra density under your heel will keep you cushioned for the long term.

Oboz Teton outsole

Although the Arete has an approach shoe look, these multisport shoes are not exactly meant to be used on technical approaches or scrambles. I took them on some short, trail based approaches to various climbing crags around Boulder and didn't really slip, but I wouldn't want to try climbing steep rock in them. Other than that, the Arete were great for hiking all over the diverse terrain of Colorado and Northern California. 

With a stylish nubuck leather upper, the Oboz Arete have serious street cred. I wore these out and about in Boulder, trying to fit in with all the extremely fit, outdoorsy types that lurk around the city. 

The Oboz Arete come in both a men's and women's version and retail for $120. 

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