New Outdoor Apparel Lets You Run Virtually Naked

Naked Sports Gear

Do you love to participate in summer outdoor activities but hate the inevitable tans lines from sports bras or tanks? In a time when most sportswear companies are adding UPF protection to their outdoor apparel, new company Naked Sports Gear is looking to expose as much of your skin as legally and modestly possible to the sun.

With a plan to create a full line of tan-through outdoor apparel, Naked Sports Gear launched their concept with the Naked Sports Bra. Manufactured in the NYC Garment District, the Naked Sports Bra is a revised version of the traditional racer-back bra.

The sports bra uses a tie-dye colored tan-through micromesh fabric that covers your shoulders and upper torso to minimize tan lines everywhere except the bust. This micromesh fabric is made from a stretch material that provides a moderate level of support. 

The racer-back design and heavy elastic band that circles under your chest provide the support structure for the bra. To increase comfort and support, as well as provide modesty, a moisture-wicking dry-tek fabric with sweetheart style lines is used securely around the bust. 

For those women slightly more well endowed, it will be interesting to see if the Naked Sports Bra offers enough support for high intensity activities. The next product for Naked Sports Gear will be a line of mesh tank tops, bringing the 90's back in style. 

The Naked Sports Bra comes in 4 different sizes and colors, retailing for $35 from the company website.

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