Būband Eliminates The Bounce


Back in high school and college, we used to wrap ace bandages around our chest before soccer games to eliminate painful bounce over hours of running. This wasn’t exactly comfortable (or conducive to breathing) but it worked. The Būband looks to achieve the same goal but in a much more elegant and comfortable way.

The Būband is a three-inch-wide (7.6 cm) elasticized band that is covered in soft, breathable fabric and fastened with three rows of hook and eye closures at the back, giving you plenty of sizing options. The Būband’s fabric is composed of 80% Supplex – a fast-drying, high-performance fabric that won’t fade or chafe – and 20% Spandex.

The elastic band is worn across the fullest part of your chest where it is most effective at eliminating bounce. To put on, first fasten the Būband around your stomach with the closures in front, then spin it around and lift it up over your chest. It should feel secure and fit snugly enough to effectively prevent bounce but not so tightly that it’s uncomfortable. If sized correctly, you’ll supposedly forget you’re even wearing it.

The Būband complements or even replaces your usual sports bra. Because it is made from soft, breathable fabric, the band can be worn directly over a sports bra or regular bra — it fits discreetly under a shirt or tank top. When your Būband gets dirty, simply machine wash in cold and lay flat to dry.

The Būband retails for $39.98 and is available now. The elastic band comes a variety of sizes from extra-small through to extra-large. A sizing chart on the website will help you pick the right one.

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