Lightweight Portable Grill For Your Outdoor Adventures

SlatGrill portable grill

Tired of using heavy and bulky box stove/grills on his various outdoor adventures in Northern Minnesota, Chris Weyandt took a How To Make Almost Anything course and came up with the design for the SlatGrill. Collapsible, portable, and lightweight, the grill can easily be taken along on any canoeing, hiking, biking, or camping trip.

The original SlatGrill is made from hard-anodized aluminum with stainless steel slats across the top. The grill consists of four base posts that simply slide into each other like a balsa wood airplane kit. Any number of slats can be secured over top in order to build up the desired cooking surface.

The portable grill can be put together quickly without the use of any tools. All assembled, the SlatGrill forms a 18x12x4 inch box. The material is corrosion resistant and food safe. Stainless steel lifting chain accessories help you take the grill off the fire without burning your hands. 

The original SlatGrill weighs 3 lbs – 4 lbs depending on how many top slats you decided to take (9-15). For the ultralight camper and backpacker, the portable grill comes in a titanium version. Measuring 9x9x4 inches, the titanium grill comes with 3 slats and weighs only 1 lb for the total package.

Conveniently, you can use any type of fuel source with the SlatGrill. Throw it over a wood or charcoal fire to barbecue some meat and veggies, griddle up some pancakes, or boil water for coffee. You can even use your gas stove underneath as a burner to do all the cooking.

The standard SlatGrill set comes with 9 slats and retails for $110. The titanium version retails for $179. 

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