The Ultimate Climber Furniture

Seilfaktur climbing rope furniture

Many people wonder what to do with their old climbing ropes when they have hit retirement time. You could turn your ropes into a rug or dog leash, but University of Applied Sciences student Angelika Hess decided to create something even more spectacular and functional.

Based in Rosenheim, surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, Angelika set out to design products that are not only connected to the local landscape but could repurpose all the old climbing ropes used in the region. Her company Seilfaktur collects all the old rope, using it to handcraft creative furniture and other various home design pieces.

Seilfaktur is currently selling three different home decor designs including the Liesl, Betthupferl (Bedtime), and the Seilschaft (Rope Team). The furniture is meant to be both playful and functional, beckoning you to combine and use the pieces in your own personal way.

Seilfaktur Liesl  Seilfaktur Liesl

The Liesl (€690) is a circular knitted tube of climbing rope that forms a frame around two large balls. The balls can be moved up and down within the tube to create many different types of reclining or sitting positions.

The Seilschaft (pictured top-prices vary) uses PVC pipe woven into the knitted climbing rope. You can create your own unique piece of furniture by combining multiple sections of various sizes and colors.

Seilfaktur Betthupferl

One of my favorite pieces is the Betthupferl lamp (€132). Electric cable is threaded through the climbing rope and a coating applied in order to make it stand upright. When you push on the rope coil, the lamp bounces around the room. Check it out in the video below.

Although not exactly at dirtbag climber prices, you can purchase all the current and future climbing rope creations from the Seilfaktur website.

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