Be An Outdoor Role Model This Summer

The North Face Role Models

I have been extremely fortunate to find various role models and mentors throughout my life that showed me the ways of the outdoors, from basic camping skills to climbing vertical ice. I can't imagine a life without the outdoors and I hope to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and knowledge someday. 

This summer, The North Face is challenging you to not only get outside, but take someone with you in the process. Launched this week on both The North Face website and Facebook page, Role Models is an online pledge where you commit to exploring the outdoors with another person in tow. 

We have all been there, nervous about taking our first backpacking trip or climbing our first route because we had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. This is where role models and mentors can really make a difference, getting someone over the initial worries or fear that may keep them from participating in outdoor activities all together. As outdoor enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to share our passion and knowledge with the next generation or any generation that may be new to the outdoors.

By taking the Role Models pledge and sharing photos, you'll be entered to win a variety of The North Face gear. The company will also donate $1 per pledge (up to $10,000) to the Children & Nature Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting Nature Deficit Disorder.

Next week my niece is meeting me in Garmisch, Germany. I hope to be able to share my love of the Alps with her whether it is hiking, mountain biking, or climbing, in order that she and the rest of the young people in my life can spend a lifetime loving the outdoors.

So think about inviting along a newbie when you next head outdside this summer and pay it forward. A huge thanks to all the mentors and role models in my life. 
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