One Piece Rain Suit For Your Bike Commute

Bikesuit one piece rain suit

Those of you that live in the Pacific Northwest or someplace like The Netherlands know what it is like to bike commute during the never ending days of rain. To ease your woes and keep you out on your bike, The Smart Products Company has created a one piece suit that completely protects you from the elements from head to toe.

The one piece BikeSuit features a bike-specific adjustable hood and integrated overshoes to fully cover your helmet, your clothing, and even your shoes. Made from a wind and waterproof lightweight rip-stop laminate polyester, the BikeSuit ensures you will turn up clean and dry at your destination.

To keep you from soaking your clothes from the inside out, Air Flow Tunnels are placed at the upper back with mesh material integrated at the waist. Armpit zippers add a further level of ventilation if you start to really work up a sweat. 

The one piece rain suit is extremely easy and quick to put on with two zippers that run the length of the sides. Straps at the waist let you pull up and adjust the pants, making it look somewhat like you are wearing a separate rain jacket and rain pants. Ankle straps give you ample drive train clearance, while the reinforced overshoes slip snuggly over your bike commute shoes. 

Tactically placed reflective striping on the arms, legs, chest, and back help with visibility in stormy weather. A weatherproof media pocket with cable tunnelling enables you to listen to music or take phone calls on your commute (though you really shouldn't). 

The BikeSuit one piece rain suit comes in three sizes, retails for £200 (roughly $300), and can be purchased from The Smart Products website.  


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