HANWAG Alta Bunion Hiking Boots

Have years of hiking in ill-fitting boots left you with painful bunions? After hearing the plight of many a hill walker who couldn’t find a pain-free hiking boot, Hanwag designed a bunion friendly last that will give all those Hallux Valgus sufferers true relief on the trail. 

A bunion is when your big toe points toward the second toe, causing a bump to appear on the outside edge of your toe. Most common in women, no one knows the exact cause of the condition but wearing high-heeled or ill-fitting shoes may contribute.

Switching to wide-toed shoes can often solve the problem and prevent you from needing further treatment. For some individuals, even the smallest of bunions can be very uncomfortable and limit their ability to comfortably wear most styles of hiking boots.

To help relieve the suffering, German alpine footwear company Hanwag created the Alta Bunion hiking boot. In order to give you plenty of extra space around the big toe joint, Hanwag took their popular Canyon model and created an entirely new bunion-friendly last.

The hiking boots are made from a waxed, carbon-neutral Terracare Zero nubuck leather upper with 100% chrome-free leather on the inside for extra comfort. A durable Vibram Ultra Grip outsole ensures good traction on the trail and is flexible enough for unhindered forward motion. At 670 grams, the hiking boots won’t leave you with tired legs at the end of a long day. 

The Alta Bunion hiking books come in both a men’s and women’s version and retail for €190. 

Is a bunion specific last something you would like to see from more hiking boot manufacturers?

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  1. Sounds like a great idea to me , I have always had trouble finding boots wide enough mainly due to the fact that I went barefoot for most of the time I was growing up. I don’t have trouble with bunions but by the sound of it these boots may work well for anyone with wide feet

  2. Hi Patrick- yep I think they would work for people with wide feet as well. The extra width is added only on the inside of the foot but I can’t see that being a problem.

  3. are you sure about the name of this boot? I can find no Hanwag boot called the Alta?
    Is there a place to get this boot in the US?

  4. Hi Mike- sorry, I should have clarified in the post. These boots will start hitting the shelves probably sometime in February. Just in time for the spring hiking season! Hanwag is making a big push into the US now- they have a store in NYC and by Feb, you will probably see them sold by quite a few retailers.

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