If Fred Flintstone Rode A Bike

FLIZ concept bike

You may have thought it almost impossible to reinvent the bike but German designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter have done just that. Stripping away almost everything but the wheels, brakes, and handlebars, the Fliz concept bike uses good old feet on the ground powered energy, Fred Flinstone style. 

Taking a children's scoot bike concept and applying it to the adult world, the duo created a velocipede for quick mobility through crowded, urban settings. The Fliz concept bike has no pedals, instead relying on your running legs for power. Not only can you travel faster through town than if you were simply running, but a huge amount of strain is taken off of your joints. 

The 5-point adjustable belt-system suspends your body in the harness, making it easy for you to switch between coasting with your feet on the rear drop out and freely running low-gravity space style. The steering supposedly feels the same as riding a normal bike so it won't take you much time to get used to the new leg and body position. When coming to a stop, simply put your feet back on the ground for full stability. 

The hand-laminated glass and carbon fiber frame integrates you into the construction, ergonomically suspending you from the top bar and wrapping around either side of your head. The frame serves as a damping system, shielding your body over rough terrain. You can attach luggage on the horizontal bar if using the Fliz concept bike for your commute.  

Apart from the unique frame and rider suspension system, the Fliz concept bike uses standard bike components, including wheels, steering, and hydraulic brakes. The video below shows the Fliz concept bike in motion. Thoughts on this one?


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