Waterproof Paper For Your Outdoor Adventures

Rite in the Rain waterproof paper

Have you ever kept a journal of your outdoor adventures only to have it ruined in a sudden downpour or an unexpected trip in the river? Washington based Rite in the Rain has created a slew of waterproof paper products that will keep your climbing journal or even topo maps from ending up a soggy, useless mess.

Rite in the Rain creates both wood and synthetic-based papers that shed water, moisture, dirt, coffee, and almost any other substance in order to not only protect all your information, but also enable you to continue writing through any kind of weather. No special pen is needed to use Rite in the Rain waterproof paper but a pencil or all-weather pen work best. 

In addition to regular writing paper, Rite in the Rain makes printer paper so you can print out topo maps, route beta, trail maps, and other important information from your home computer, knowing that it won't get destroyed in the middle of your outdoor adventures. The Weatherjet waterproof printer paper has a micro-porous surface that turns standard ink-jet inks into permanent, waterproof images, even enabling you to print on both sides.

In spite of the waterproof paper's durability, it is totally recyclable as standard paper, which is untrue of other synthetic, or poly-coated papers. Simply recycle Rite in the Rain as you do other white or printed papers. The waterproof paper meets archival criteria, so will last for several hundred years stored away in your attic. 

The Rite in the Rain paper comes in a variety of styles including loose leaf, notebooks, bound books, pads, and printer paper. Prices range from $3.95 for a pocket sized spiral notepad to $82.95 for a pack of the Weatherjet printer paper. All products can be ordered from the company website. 


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