In case you didn't know, next Friday, August 31st, is National Trail Mix Day. To help celebrate, CLIF is offering three lucky readers of The GearCaster a chance to win their very own 5 pack of the deliciously sweet and salty MOJO Bars.

CLIF MOJO trail mix bars tantalize your taste buds with a sweet and salty flavor, crunchy and chewy texture combination. Made from organic ingredients such as nuts, pretzels, chocolate chips, and raisins, the trail mix bars make a perfect snack both on and off the trail. 

Many people claim that trail mix was first invented in 1968 by two Califonia surfer dudes who threw together some peanuts and raisins for a hit of energy while at the beach all day. Never mind the Europeans who have eaten some form of trail mix as a snack since the 17th century. The actual origin of National Trail Mix Day, however, remains a mystery. 

To enter the CLIF MOJO giveaway, simply leave a comment below with your personal favorite trail mix concoction. My current obsession (apart from CLIF MOJOs, of course) is the sweet and salty combination of roasted peanuts combined with peanut brittle. On National Trail Mix Day itself, I will select three lucky winners to receive their delicious CLIF package.

Good luck and happy trail snacking!

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  1. I LOVE me anything spicy, so my trail mix has wasabi peas …

    4 cups almonds + peanuts
    2 cups dried cranberries or raspberries
    1 cup of pepitas
    1 cup of butterscotch chips
    1 cup of wasabi peas

  2. Raw almonds, dried cherries, and golden raisins in equal amounts – I throw in a handful of roasted, salted peanuts when I’m feeling fancy.

  3. Oats covered in semi-sweet chocolate, roasted almonds and pecans, dried cherries, pretzel bits, coconut flakes and chocolate chips.

  4. Macadamia nuts, honey roasted almonds, dark chocolate espresso beans, craisins, and some wasabi peas. It packs a flavor explosion in your mouth and gives you a caffeine boost at the same time.

  5. For trail mix I like dry-roasted cashews, golden raisins, and Reese’s Pieces.

    I also have a mean homemade granola recipe:

    2C whole oats
    1C cashews
    1C peanuts
    handful of sunflower seeds
    handful of flax seeds
    handful of chopped macadamias
    handful of slivered almonds

    1/3C pure maple syrup
    1/4C vegetable oil
    2 TBS honey
    pinch salt

    Mix granola in a bowl with the sweetener until completely coated. Spread on a greased baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes at 350F. Stir, spread out again and bake for another 6-8 minutes or until crisp brown.

    Eat plain or with milk. Enjoy!

    Greg Darling
    Austin, TX

  6. Delicious recipes everyone! Thanks for sharing. Congrats to Greg Darling, Audrey, and Bryan L for winning the MoJo packs! If you could send me an email with your addresses, I will have Clif send the bars right off to you. Thanks for all the comments and enjoy the long holiday weekend!

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