How Not To Be THAT Person

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We all know the story. Hiker, climber, biker,
sets off into the wilderness on their own without telling anyone where they are
going. Alarms are raised only when the person fails to show up to work or some
previously scheduled event, often days after they have officially gone missing.
Sadly, this is such an easy problem to solve, but one that still happens all
too often.

Colorado based iNeverSolo wants to ensure that
you will never be stuck out there waiting for someone to realize you are
missing by automating the entire plan sharing and alert process, providing a
little peace of mind for you and your loved ones. All you have to do is
register your plan at before you head out the door on your next
adventure. Unlike the Spot Messenger or DeLorme inReach, there’s no equipment
to buy or device to carry and no monthly or annual fee; just a few minutes of
your time to enter your plan.

iNeverSolo allows you to create a detailed
online plan for your particular activity (outdoor or urban) and alerts your
designated contacts via email if something goes wrong and you are unable to
reach your destination as planned. The service is built for a variety of activities,
from backpacking and ice climbing to sailing or walking the dog.

Imagined and developed by engineer and licensed
pilot, Jed Mitchell, iNeverSolo is built on the model of the pilot’s flight
plan. Like the pilot who must inform others of his intended route, time in the
air, and ultimate destination, Mitchell believes the same planning is a must
for the outdoor enthusiast.

iNeverSolo plan

Once you register and set up your account, you
enter a plan for your chosen activity, providing as much detailed information as
you wish, such as your starting point, any significant waypoints, your mode of
travel, and final destination, as well as when you expect to be back. You also
designate one or more emergency contacts, providing their email addresses
and/or mobile numbers. 

If you do not officially close your plan as
expected, iNeverSolo automatically attempts to contact you. If unsuccessful,
for whatever reason, iNeverSolo then emails and/or texts your designated
contacts the information about your activity, where you went, to do what, and
when. Most importantly, iNeverSolo alerts your contacts that your plan remains
active and that something might be wrong. They can now take the necessary steps
to try and locate you. 

iNeverSolo is signing up sponsors and advertisers to cover the site’s
costs in order that you can utilize the service for free. The plan is to
also do weekly gear give-aways from the sponsors to further incentive registration.

The one disadvantage I can see to using iNeverSolo
versus the Spot Messenger or DeLorme InReach is that you can’t initiate an SOS
call. If you were out for a 10-day backpacking trip and got hurt on the first
day, your contacts would not be alerted until you failed to turn up at the end
of the trip. Not to mention to requirement of an internet connection and the possibility to just text your friends or family. 

What are you thoughts- would you use a service
like iNeverSolo?

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