Snow Goggles With Built-In HD Camera

Zeal Ion HD Video Camera Goggle

Breaking the rad meter, the new ZEAL iON snow goggles feature a built-in HD camera, meaning you don't have to sacrifice style (with an action camera perched at the top of your head) or performance when racing down the slopes. Although not exactly cheap or versatile, these HD camera goggles will definitely impress your friends and make for a memorable winter season. 

With a camera built into the rim of the snow goggles, the new ZEAL iON captures both 1080p and 720p HD quality video of your crazy adventures on the mountain. Using a 170-degree wide angle lens, the goggles can also shoot up to 8 megapixel photos for quick and easy HD imagery without ever having to take your gloves off. You don't have to worry about light levels or focus, as the camera adjusts for all of that automatically. The snow goggles even have built-in microphones that muffle wind noise.

An in-goggle viewfinder lets you see what the camera is filming, while the controls are located at the side of the frame with glove-friendly buttons so you won't freeze your hands. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will run for up to three hours at a time, meaning you may have to recharge in the chalet at lunch depending on how much you use the camera on your morning freshies run. 

With the ZEAL iON snow goggles, you can easily replay footage and set up sequence or timelapse shots. The micro SD slot means you can download your images and video in order to share your adventures with your friends across all your favorite social media outlets. 

The ZEAL iON snow goggles feature an anti-fog, high density, Optimum Mirror lens with 100% UV protection. The impact resistant frame will help protect both your face and the HD camera in the event of a crash. The snow goggles are helmet compatible with dual strap adjustments to help you dial in the fit. 

The ZEAL iON HD Camera Goggles retail for $399 and are available now. 


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