Intelligent Wearable Camera Takes Pictures For You

OMG Autographer Camera

UK company OMG has created a wearable camera that is designed to change the way we think about photography. Without any intervention on your part, the Autographer captures the stories that unfold during the day, leaving you to live in the moment and fully enjoy your outdoor experience. 

The Autographer is a new type of camera that has been custom built to enable spontaneous, hands-free image capture. The wearable camera features a custom 136° eye view lens, an ultra small GPS unit, and 5 in-built sensors. These sensors are fused by a sophisticated algorithm to tell the camera exactly the right moment to take photos. 

Unlike a standard action camera where you can program the device to shoot a photo every 5 seconds or so, the Autographer identifies when to take a photo based on subtle changes in light, color, motion, direction, and temperature. All you have to do is wear it around your neck, clip it to your shirt or helmet, and let the device do the work. 

The Autographer wearable camera comes with an easy-to-use desktop interface and a mobile app designed to ease image viewing and sharing. You will be able to edit your images to develop videos or animated stories, with Bluetooth connectivity for easy image download. The Autographer stop-frame video lets you see a whole day’s activity packed into a few minutes, telling a complete chronological story of your outdoor adventure that day. 

Oxford-based OMG has a rich heritage in cameras and is the world’s largest supplier of precision motion-tracking systems for films, computer games, and broadcast television productions. The new consumer focused OMG Autographer wearable camera is based upon the same Microsoft SenseCam technology already deployed within OMG’s Revue moment capture camera used in numerous entertainment industries.

Starting in November, the Autographer wearable camera will initially be available to purchase online in the UK, priced at £399. US and Japan sales will quickly follow. 

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