The Best Sunglasses For Varying Light Conditions

Optic Nerve Response 2.0 sunglasses

I have been in search of the optimum mountain biking sunglasses that could take me from bright sunshine to heavy forest cover without losing definition on the trail. I finally found what I was looking for with the Optic Nerve Response 2.0 sunglasses

The key to the Response versatility is the photochromatic lenses, which change in shade from clear to brown within 7 to 10 seconds in response to varying light levels. Overlooking the retro 70s vibe, the lenses enable you to start your ride in the blaring afternoon sun and finish in the fog covered forest without having to either change out your sunglasses or take them off all together. The lenses offer the standard 100% UV protection to further protect your eyes. 

Optic Nerve's Lens Venting system works to prevent fogging by using vents on the top side of the lenses that allow air to be forced directly into the eye area to help circulate air between your eye and the back of the lens. An added open space around the bridge of the nose also enhances air circulation to help with fogging and perspiration issues.

I have noticed for road cycling, where you can pick up a pretty good speed going downhill, your eyes sometimes get watery from all the airflow. This has not been a problem with mountain biking. I have also experienced the formation of a slight fog when I am working up a sweat and I slow considerably to start out on a climb (especially in colder, humid weather), but this fog clears up relatively quickly.

Optic Nerve sunglasses

The fully adjustable alloy bridge uses two Tactilite rubber bridge rests that you can shape and angle anyway you want. This gives you a super customized fit, but also helps them stay on during high intensity sports. I have never had a problem with the sunglasses shifting on even the bumpiest of trails.

The lightweight nylon frames on the Optic Nerve Response 2.0 sunglasses are durable yet comfortable. I have had problems with other sunglasses digging into my temples or weighing heavy on my ears after wearing them all day, but not with the Response.  

I look forward to trying these sunglasses for ice climbing, as I need pair that can handle the varying light conditions and most of all, not fog up in the middle of a climb. 

Bottom Line: If you need a pair of sunglasses for high intensity sports under varying light conditions, look no further than the Optic Nerve Response 2.0. 

The Optic Nerve Response 2.0 sunglasses
retail for $79.00 and are available now. 

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