Release Your Inner Child With Bogs Rubber Boots


The rain has finally come to Northern California but that doesn't have to mean staying indoors. For short hikes, walks with your dog, and even trips to the grocery store, throw on some Bogs rubber boots and your feet won't know the difference.

Living in the UK for 7 years, I became accustomed to seeing people regularly walk around in their "wellies" or Wellington Boots. Rubber boots don't seem to be as big a phenomenon over here, apart from young children, and I think that needs to change. Why not release your inner child and stomp through all the puddles and mud, celebrating the rainy weather. 

Lola likes the Bogs

Unlike hiking boots or trail shoes, you can come home from your muddy walk and simply rinse off your boots with the hose. Although Bogs rubber boots come in a variety of styles, I prefer the tall style, such as the Drake Buckle, since they keep your pants from getting wet and muddy and you don't have to worry about water getting inside of your boots.

Rubber boots don't have to be geeky, as fashion meets function in the new Bogs Drake Buckle boots, constructed with 3mm waterproof Neo-Tech insulation and 2mm Airmesh for warmth without the bulk. The 100% waterproof rubber boots also feature the Bogs Max-Wick moisture-wick lining to keep your feet dry and more comfortable. 

Bogs Drake Buckle boots

I wouldn't suggest going on long or technical hikes wearing these rubber boots (although I did once see an entire team of Chinese tourists try to hike to ABC on the north side of Everest in their "wellies"), but they are perfectly fine for rambling walks through the woods, along the fields, around the neighborhood, and for running errands in town. 

The Bogs Drake Buckle boots come in a variety of colors, retail for $135, and are available now. 

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