A Bike Stand For The Carbon Fiber Set

Upstand Bike Stand

Unless you are riding a cruiser bike or under the age of 5, chances are you wouldn't be caught dead with a kickstand on your bike. This means every time you want to stop for a coffee on your ride, you need to lean your bike up against something, risking the chance of it falling or being knocked over. Enter the Upstand, a bike stand that even the hardcore carbon fiber set will appreciate. 

Made up of a carbon fiber and anodized aluminum stand with axial magnet, the Upstand frees you from having to search for a safe place to set your bike when you take a break from riding. The company is quick to note the Upstand is not a kickstand, as it does not fully remain on your bike as you ride. The total weight of the stand is 35 grams (weight of a single energy gel packet) and adds only 7 grams of weight to your bike.

The Upstand works by installing a tab (about the size of a quarter) behind the rear quick release for the stand to connect into. The stand stays there by virtue of the strong axial rare earth magnet. When not in use, simply pull off the 8" long Upstand, fold it in half (held together by internal shock cord), and store in your jersey pocket or seat bag.

Upstand Bike Stand

The tab is very easy to install and can remain on your bike. Simply release the rear skewer, draw the skewer out, and hang the tab on the skewer. Slide the quick release back in and tighten. The Upstand comes with two tabs so you can kit out both your road and commuter bike. 

Although your bike may now be safe from harm on your next coffee stop, there is no guarantee how your fellow lycra clad friends will react. They may either mock you or applaud your ingenuity when you pull the Upstand out of your jersey pocket.

The Upstand retails for $39 and is available from the company website. 

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