Sazzi Decimal Sandals Review

Sazzi Footwear

The Sazzi Decimal Sandals are not your ordinary flip flops. With multiple toe posts and a split toe footbed, the Sazzi sandals give you more comfort and control than a regular flip flop, without the difficulty of cramming your toes into a standard Vibram Five Finger shoe.

When wearing regular flip flops, I feel like my toes are constantly under tension in order to keep the shoes on my feet. You regularly see people walking down the street in flip flops where one suddenly comes off. Sazzi’s QPLS system employs four toe posts between your five toes to give you maximum control of your shoes. You can walk normally, even run, without the fear of your sandals falling off.

Most of the time, walking around in minimal support flip flops means aching feet and even knees at the end of the day. The Sazzi Decimal Sandals feature the standard minimalist 0mm drop outsole but use a 5mm soft drop-in topsole to provide plenty of arch support and a little extra heel cushioning. Your feet will thank you for this not-quite barefoot sport sandal experience.

The Sazzi sandals are much easier to get on than Vibram Five Fingers as you don’t have to cram your toes into separate closed pockets, instead just slide them between the toe posts. With four small toe posts instead of one big one between your first and second toe, you are less prone to getting a blister in that space. I did get a bit of irritation from the top V-Strap (no blisters), but I almost always have problems with forefoot sandal straps.

The five individual toe platforms move with your toes to provide each foot with five tactile surfaces for better stability and connection with the ground. The InfintyWeave non-marking outsole gives you pretty good traction over a variety of terrain. The little suction cup like tread on the forefoot works really well on wet surfaces.

Sazzi Digit Sandals

If you don’t like the flip flop noise, go for the Sazzi Digit strap sandals instead. The Digit uses a similar base to the Decimal with a dual toe platform and an added ankle strap for extra security.

The Sazzi sport sandals are made from 100% recyclable PLUSfoam that is hydrophobic, non-microbial, and uses no harmful chemicals. Your feet do get sweaty against the foam when it is hot out, but I haven’t experienced problems with sandal stink yet. You can always throw your Sazzi Decimal Sandals in the wash or use something like the Nikwax Sandal Wash to treat them if they do start to smell.

The Sazzi sandals may look strange but they kind of fall into the camp of looking so weird that they are actually cool. A couple of my girlfriends agree- one an Ironman Triathlete who throws them on after her training workouts and the other a Los Angeles producer who sports them out and about around Hollywood.

Sazzi Decimal Sandals

For those of you looking to try these finger toed sport sandals for yourself, I have a pair of blue Sazzi Decimals to give away. The sandals will fit either a women’s 9 or a men’s 8 size. If you are interested, leave me a comment below about what fabulous adventure you and your Sazzi Sandals would go on for a chance to win. I will pick a winner next weekend.

The Sazzi Decimal Sandals retail for $80, the Digit for $100, both available now.

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