Perfect Pedals For Those Tentative About Going Clipless

Shimano Click'R Pedals

The new Click’R pedal system from Shimano may be the answer to the age old question of flat pedals or SPDs for mountain biking and even urban cycling. With a flat pedal casing and an easier entry/exit system than a traditional SPD, the Shimano Click’R pedals give you the best of both worlds. Anyone new to mountain biking, hesitant about going clipless, or even injured, should definitely check them out.

Many riders, especially beginners, choose to go the flat pedal route in mountain biking for fear of not being able to un-clip fast enough in the event of a possible crash. I have experienced a couple of nasty falls myself that probably could have been avoided if I was riding on flat pedals.

Shimano Click'r Pedal

In order to make it easier for you to get in and out of the pedals, the Click’R platform uses a single adjustable spring with a similar tension at the highest setting to that of the lowest setting of traditional SPD pedals. Exit requires only an 8 degree turn of your foot versus the standard 13 degree turn.

To help guide your foot into the pedal, Shimano added a pop-up cage with raised front claw that helps position your foot at the perfect angle. Shimano claims the overall result is 60% less force required to clip in, with 62% less force required to clip out. The surrounding flat pedal platform can be used with regular shoes and has integrated reflectors for extra commuting visibility.

To accompany the new Click’R pedals, Shimano has created a matching line of shoes. The mountain bike and leisure collections both feature SPD cleats recessed into the sole of the shoe rather than sticking out like traditional mountain bike shoes.

Shimano Click'r shoes

These pedals are definitely on my want list for the upcoming holiday season. I will be curious to see if it is easy to accidentally un-clip from them when you are cranking uphill. The Shimano Click’R pedals will come in two versions: either a black or white PD-T400 ($70) or the lighter weight black PD-T700 ($120).

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