Easy No-Mess Way To Lube Your Chain

No-Drip Chain Luber

Lubing your chain is crucial to extending the life of your drivetrain, ideally both before you head out and after you get back from a ride. Many of us hate this one small bike maintenance step as it is time consuming and messy, not to mention possibly dangerous if you spill lube on your tire rims. Enter local Bay Area designer Richard Singer who created a brilliant little device that makes is quick and easy to lube your chain, mess free.

The No-Drip Chain Luber consists of a bottle, specially designed applicator cap, and absorbent pads. To operate, simply fill the bottle with your favorite lubricant and tightly screw on the applicator cap. The Luber works with any low-viscosity bike lubricant.

To lube your chain, open the applicator so it’s in the straight-up position. With the bottle upside-down, hold the absorbent pad against your bike chain. While backpedaling your chain, give the bottle one or two gentle squeezes. After one or two complete cycles you are ready to ride. Rotate the applicator down and into the cap to prevent leaking.

Each absorbent pad lasts for about twenty chain lubes and can be flipped over for extended use. The No-Drip Chain Luber bottle features a dosage scale with tick marks to let you know how much lubricant you have used. About one small tick mark is enough to properly lube your chain. The Luber bottle can also be used with degreaser in order to clean your bike chain.

American made, the No-Drip Chain Luber is designed and assembled in California by Goodwill Industries. Richard partnered with a 50-year old bottle-cap manufacturer in Rhode Island, while the bottles themselves are made in L.A., with the absorbent pads coming from a company in Minnesota.

Richard is currently running an Indiegogo campaign where you can pre-order your No-Drip Chain Luber. A pledge of $12 gets you one No-Drip Chain Luber with five absorbent pads. I have ordered a couple for the in-house bike mechanic for Christmas (don’t tell), as they will be ready to ship the beginning of December.

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