How To Get That Campfire Smell Everyday

Campfire cologne

There is nothing better than returning from a weekend spent outdoors smelling like campfire smoke. Sadly, this happy feeling is usually forgotten the minute you step back into the daily grind. With Campfire Cologne, you can instantly transport yourself back to that beautiful lakeside campsite where you sat around a blazing fire making s'mores, telling stories, and looking up at the stars, all without ever leaving your desk.

Campfire Cologne is billed as the tried and true scent of your best summer ever. A nostalgic ode to cooking over an open fire, secret swimming holes, and the unending days of youth. Use it frequently, transport yourself outdoors, and live the dream.

To improve your aroma, select the desired number of sticks to match your desired level of allure. Remove a match and light the sticks. Let the sticks burn for a short while but be sure to extinguish the fire before you set off the fire alarm in your office building. Finally, waft the remaining smokey essence over yourself. Sit back and relax. 

Antler&co antler hanger

Campfire Cologne was created by the unique Portland based company antler & co. The company currently sells a line of antler based wall hangers that can be used for everything from holding magazines to storing your pots and pans or jewelry. The pieces are all crafted from cruelty free deer antlers, shed each year in anticipation of spring and collected from areas across the United States. 

You can buy Campfire Cologne in a single box ($12.95) or pack of five ($64.75). Perhaps the best thing about Campfire Cologne is the promotional video below. 


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