Never Get Smoked Out Again With The BioLite Fire Pit

BioLite FirePit

While everyone loves a campfire, it’s usually enjoyed while suffering through a few annoyances — most notably, smoke. You spend all night moving your camp chair from one side of the fire to the other and back again. To save us from suffocation, BioLite took their efficient fire burning technology and created a smokeless fire pit.

The BioLite FirePit is a smokeless wood-burning device that cooks your meals and gives you a front-row seat to everything going on inside your fire. You get an efficient burn with way less smoke than a conventional fire pit thanks to 51 air jets powered by a fan located inside the USB-rechargeable orange power pack. These air jets inject the fire with oxygen along key locations and create a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases inside the fire, dramatically improving combustion.

This means you not only get the crackling, the smell, and the feel of a robust wood fire without the smoke but you can also achieve a warm, roaring fire with less wood because you’re burning your original fuel more efficiently.

The airflow system has 4 fan speeds to control the intensity of your flames. If you want a mellow campfire feel, you tune it to LOW. If you want a powerful fire that radiates a lot of heat outward, crank it up to HIGH. You can control that fan intensity right from the FirePit’s power pack or via the BioLite Energy app.

The FirePit uses an X-Ray Mesh Body so you can see the whole fire at once — glowing embers at the bottom, the gasifying wood in the middle, and the vortex of flames coming out at the top. The inner fuel rack can hold both charcoal and wood, meaning you can use it to grill dinner first (the FirePit comes with a removable grill grate) and then end the day with a campfire.

When you are done, the legs fold up for easy portability. The whole thing fits inside the solar bag (sold separately) where you can use the sun to charge up the battery during the day while it’s sitting around. The FirePit weighs just under 20 pounds so not too heavy to lug around.

It looks like now in order to keep showing up to work Monday morning smelling like campfire, you will have to resort to a few spritzes of Campfire Cologne.

BioLite is taking pre-orders for the FirePit over on Kickstarter. For $199, you can get your own FirePit plus a solar carry cover thrown in. Delivery is expected next May.

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