Patagonia Creates Online Worn Wear Store to Sell Used Gear


Patagonia’s Worn Wear program has been up and running for a few years now — all that lightly used gear you brought in was fixed up and resold either in store, on the Patagonia eBay channel, or donated to sites such as Yerdle to find a new home. In order to cut out the middle man and make it easier for you to find quality used Patagonia gear, the company recently launched its own Worn Wear online store.

The Worn Wear online store is a place where you can buy previously owned Patagonia gear at a lower price point, giving it a chance at a second life. With products sourced directly from Patagonia customers in exchange for merchandise credit, the Worn Wear online store aims to provide simple new ways to extend the life of high-quality gear while also proving that investing in the circular economy makes good business sense.

All the Worn Wear products are Patagonia items that come from closets and garages or were collecting dust in the Patagonia distribution center. The gear is functionally perfect, but may have a cosmetic flaw.

When you bring in your used gear to Patagonia, they give you credit that can be used in Patagonia retail stores, on and Patagonia will accept most garments including men’s, women’s, and kids’ in both sportswear and technical styles. They will also accept Patagonia luggage. On the Worn Wear site, you’ll find a handy guide as to how much your used Patagonia gear is worth in terms of credit.

Browsing through the Worn Wear online store, you will find that prices are reasonable but not exactly rock bottom. For example, there is a Torrentshell Poncho for $80 compared to the list price of $120. Not too huge of a savings considering it’s used but the idea is that you probably received some pretty good store credit in exchange for donating gear in the first place or just don’t want to pay full price for gear.

I look forward to browsing around to see what Patagonia gems I can find.

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