Polar Moves Optical Sensor From Your Wrist to Your Arm

Polar OH1

Officially announced at the end of last month, the OH1 from Polar moves heart rate technology away from your wrist or your chest and onto your arm. It’s a small, comfortable, easy to use, and versatile option for those that don’t like chest straps and it also frees Polar up to make more streamlined watches.

The Polar OH1 is a flexible band with optical heart rate sensor that you wear on your upper arm or forearm when you workout. The sensor uses Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate technology for accurate tracking.

The OH1 connects to various recording devices via Bluetooth (even gym equipment) but if you would rather use it as a standalone device, it features internal memory that stores up to 200 hours of training time. After your workout, sync your data to Polar Flow with either the Polar Flow app or the web service.

The OH1 is waterproof up to 30 meters, so perfect for the triathletes out there. It will last for up to 12 hours before the 45 mAh lithium polymer battery battery needs to be recharged via USB.

The Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor retails for $79.95 and is available now.

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