Polar M460 Bike Computer

Polar M460

In the new M460 GPS bike computer, Polar added a slew of extra connectivity features to help you train smarter. Whether chasing that elusive Strava QOM or following a power-based training regimen, this sleek looking bike computer might just be for you.

The major feature additions that set the M460 apart from previous models include power meter support, Strava Live Segments, and smart notifications when connected to your phone. The M460 is compatible with a wide range of third party power meters so that you can take advantage of advanced cycling power metrics, such as TrainingPeaks’ Normalized Power, Intensity Factor and Training Stress Score. You’ll be able to see the metrics on the bike computer as you train.

The M460 comes with a two-month Strava Premium membership and support for Strava Live Segments. You can mark up to 20 segments as favorites on Polar Flow and then sync them to your device for real-time progress stats during your ride. And don’t worry, Even if you don’t have a Strava Premium account, your training data will be transferred from Polar Flow to Strava if you link your accounts. Strava or it didn’t happen, right?

Similar to the M450, the new model gives you a barometer- and GPS-based inclinometer in addition to the standard GPS data such as speed and distance. The device is water resistant with a 128X128 black and white display that is easy to read at a glance.

Using Bluetooth Smart, the bike computer connects to all your bike sensors like the H10 heart rate strap — sorry no ANT+ support as per usual with Polar. You should get up to 16 hours of training time from the device when using GPS and the front LED light before needing to recharge.

The Polar M460 GPS bike computer retails for $180 and starts shipping this week.

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