Primus Kamoto–A Portable Fire Pit

Primus Kamoto Fire Pit

In many places, open fires are not allowed as they would damage the ground and surrounding area. To get around the issue, Primus created a portable fire pit for Fall ’16. The Kamoto can be folded up and transported easily in order to create a real campfire but one that offers protection for the ground–available in two sizes.

The Kamoto–the Swahili word for “small fire”–leaves no trace. It features a stainless steel fire pit with side wind protection and an air inlet from underneath to help stoke the fire. For those that enjoy cooking over an open fire, the Kamoto comes with a grill grate.

The flat, steel bottom plate protects the ground from any fire damage. The portable fire pit is super easy to clean after use and Primus offers a Pack Sack accessory for simple transport of your Kamoto to and from the beach, park, or wherever you want a campfire.

Primus OpenFire Pan

To go with the Kamoto or to be used over a regular campfire, Primus introduces the OpenFire Pans–also available in two sizes. The cooking pans feature a unique construction that uses a combination of steel and aluminum.

When it comes to thermal conductivity and weight, stainless steel cannot compete with aluminum. When it comes to ease of cleaning, scratch- and corrosion-resistance, stainless steel is best. So, the OpenFire Pans are made from a three-layer material consisting of stainless steel on the top and bottom with aluminum sandwiched in between–this affords a much lighter product that offers a much better heat distribution than conventional steel pans.

The shape of the OpenFire Pan features a slight depression in the center for deep-frying and the edges are gently rounded making it easier to flip over pancakes, meat, etc. On the sides, two handles allow positioning of the pan over at the right spot over the fire. When you get home, simply remove the legs and throw the pans in the dishwasher.

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