Pieps Micro Avalanche Beacon

Pieps Micro

New for Fall ’16, the Pieps Micro avalanche beacon debuts as one of the smallest and lightest three antenna beacons on the market. Designed for skimo racers (3 antenna beacons soon to become mandatory) and those that like to travel fast and light, the new Mirco will feature an innovative light sensor technology control and wireless device management.

To keep things basic, the Pieps Micro features a big display and only has an on/off switch and a mark button for flagging multiple burials. With 3 antenna transmission, the Micro will automatically switch between them if one is experiencing a fault or interference of any kind due to other electronic devices or metal. The max circular receiving range in 40 meters or 131 feet.

Instead of flipping a switch, search mode is initiated by light and motion. When the avalanche beacon is secure in its harness inside your jacket in the darkness, it remains in transmit mode. Once you pull it out into the light, it automatically turns to search mode.

Pieps added Bluetooth into the Micro so you could pair it with your phone for managing and updating your avalanche beacon.

The Micro is powered by 1 AA battery and will run for 200+ hours in send mode. The avalanche beacon weighs 150 grams and is smaller than your iPhone 6–compare that to 210 grams for the DSP Sport.

Like the other Pieps avalanche beacons, the Micro can be deactivated by the electronic iPROBE so that the receiving beacon can then identify the next strongest signal. What it doesn’t have is the inclinometer, SCAN function, TX600 support, or transmission parameters check.

The Pieps Micro retails for $390 and will hit shelves next fall.

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