Waterproof Backpack With Integrated Light Panel

Torch Flux Backpack

Illuminated bike product company Torch, makers of the popular T1 Helmet, have followed up their initial product launch with the new FLUX Backpack. Featuring an integrated LED light panel, the backpack will help maximize your visibility in urban riding situations.

The Torch FLUX is a waterproof backpack made from 1000-denier Cordura nylon on the outside and tarpaulin vinyl on the inside. Unlike your average bike pack, a flexible, waterproof, and thin fiber optic light panel powered by LEDs is integrated into the bottom of the FLUX.

A button on the shoulder strap lets you easily illuminate the lights, switching between steady or flashing modes. The high-intensity red LED panel runs off of button cell batteries, lasting up to four hours at a time, and can be recharged through a standard USB charging port.

The battery unit is completely removable from the bag for easy recharging, cleaning or replacement. If you want to leave the backpack at home, the battery unit can even double as a rear seat post light.

The FLUX Backpack comes in either red or black, available now for pre-order at $120 from the Torch website. What are your thoughts on having a light panel integrated into the backpack versus an after-market backpack cover such as the Respro Hump?

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