Rocky S2V Provision Jacket With Built-In Survival Gear

Rocky S2V Aerogel Insulation

Rocky, boot supplier to the US Military since WWII, has adapted and expanded their S2V offering in order to create a complete integrated system of apparel, footwear, and essentials for general outdoor use. Along with the seemingly first commercial use of aerogel insulation in outdoor apparel, the S2V line comes pre-loaded with all the essentials you need to survive any epic adventure.

The Provision Jacket and Pants highlight the apparel part of the Rocky S2V concept. Both are made from an abrasion resistant, DWR treated, 4-way stretch polyester in a 3-layer construction. Thin, compression resistant, and waterproof, Aerotherm aerogel insulation provides protection from both extreme cold and heat. Unlike the Champion Supersuit that used 100% aerogel insulation, each S2V Provision piece uses patches of Aerotherm in zones where compression is highly likely.

Applying Aerotherm insulation panels in compression zones in combination with standard lofted insulation in the remaining areas supposedly achieves optimal thermal performance. Compression of lofted insulation in areas such as the knees, elbows, and shoulders results in body heat loss and exposure to cold temperatures.

The Provision Jacket is purpose built to organize, stash, and carry all the required survival essentials on your person. Organizers in the waterproof chest pockets safely house all the items in the Ultimate Survival Technologies Essentials Kit including compass, signal mirror, emergency whistle, light stick, emergency blanket, and razor saw. A medical kit and LED flashlight are stored in each sleeve.

The Provision Jacket comes complete with a fully adjustable and removable fuchsia lined snow skirt for signaling purposes. Two-way waterproof full length zippers on the Provision Pants make for easy on and off, while both items feature Recco Advanced Rescue Technology in case you are caught up in an avalanche.

The Rocky S2V Provision Jacket retails for $600 and should be available any day now. Head on over to Rocky S2V to check out the full line of survival inspired outdoor gear.

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