Backcountry Creates New Specialty Retail Site

Backcountry Treeline

To help showcase up and coming brands, artists, and other craftsmen who contribute to the outdoor industry, Backcountry has created a new specialty retail site called Treeline. A content driven marketplace, Treeline will provide stories, interviews, and photography to highlight the various brands and create a more intimate shopping experience. 

Each week, Treeline will showcase just one company, artist, or craftsman with a behind the scenes look at how the products are made. Treeline currently uses a separate shopping cart from Backcountry, so when you purchase products, you are connected to the featured company for all processing and fulfillment.

Product innovation and differentiation are key for the continued success of any online retailer. This new site is a great way for Backcountry to test out the viability of brands before bringing them onboard to the main site and into the operational back-end. 

Pladra Plaid Shirts

Treeline officially launched yesterday with San Francisco based Pladra. Pladra shirts are 100% cotton flannel with outdoor scene liners on the cuffs, collar, and back yoke. The company uses custom embroideries and the heavier styles use high-grade, faux-suede elbow patches. All shirts are handmade in San Francisco and desigend to be machine washable for easy maintenance and durability.

Next week, Treeline will feature the paintings of Backcountry athlete Renan Ozturk, followed by Grassroots Powdersurfing handmade bindingless snowboards the week after. 

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