Native American Inspired Ski Mittens And Gloves

Astis Leather Mittens

Gloves and mittens are not normally the most expressive part of your snowsports outfit. Wyoming company Astis is looking to change that with their handmade leather gloves and mittens you can use to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or just wear around town to keep warm this winter. 

Astis leather mittens are hand-sewn in the USA from high-quality suede leather with hand-stitched beadwork on the cuff. Lined with Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft insulation, these mittens will keep you warm regardless of winter activity. Working directly with the tannery, Astis developed a suede leather that is injected with silicon during the tanning process for further waterproofing, making the mittens extremely durable yet retaining great dexterity.

Astis mittens celebrate the Cree Indians history and their handcrafted approach to leather artistry. Twelve years ago, Astis founder Brad was given a pair of original Cree mittens as a gift from a friend. Worn for thousands of intense skiing adventures, the durable and beautifully designed mittens outlasted all others. Unable to find more, Brad teamed up with another of his friends to create their own Cree inspired mittens. The company name is derived from the Cree word for mittens – Astis.

Astis makes long and short cuff mittens with a few gloves options added to the product mix. The length and cut of their design allows for your jacket to slide fully inside without bunching, while providing a close fit that protects your wrists and hands from snow in the heaviest of powder days. Cuff designs range from Native American inspired images such as the Sacagawea (above) and the Erling, to simple cowhide or even the Canadian flag. 

The Astis Mittens retail for $195-$225 and can be ordered from the company website. 

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