Turn Your Bike Into A Monty Python Horse

Trotify Bike Clopper

Always wanted to ride horses but couldn't afford to? Love Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Trotify enables you to turn your bike into a King Arthur style horse, way cooler than a bike bell for urban riding.  

Trotify is a wooden device that sits on your front wheel and makes your bike clop like a horse. The unit fits to your front brake mount just like a reflector. 

Trotify comes flatpacked, ready for you to assemble at home. Sadly, the coconut is not included at the moment but due to massive demand, the company is looking to add two coconut halves into their package. 

Trotify is the brainchild of the creative folks at UK studio Original Content London. Unsure if the rest of the world will think their coconut bike clopper was as cool as they do, the team decided to take pre-orders before actually sending them into production.

The designs are complete and the supply chain is all set up, but the company needs to order at least 1,000 units to make Trotify a reality. For only £25, you can buy your own Trotify to turn your bike into that horse you always wanted. They take about 8 weeks to make, so the first batch should ship in March 2013.


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